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About Praxis Strategic Thinking Options

“Prediction is always difficult – especially about the future.” – Yogi Berra

Strategic Thinking has a pretty good track record for getting people to the future in better shape. At Praxis Strategic Thinking Options (PSTO) we recognize tomorrow will be very different in appearance from what we expected, but still hauntingly familiar.

Through our signature workshops, powerful one to one strategic coaching, consulting or enhanced research focus, Praxis Strategic Thinking Options helps you steer your way through rough seas, while riding the swell of opportunity as better conditions emerge.

Our assessment tools are strategic too.  Do you need or truly want  change? If so, where should intervention be focussed? What form would it ideally take? How deep must you dig? How extensive should your “renovation” be? Are your goals “future ready”? The Praxis approach takes you get to the nub of your situation without delay.

Interested in knowing more? contact us as convenient. Let us know what results or action you need to see when and please tell us how best to get back to you.

At PSTO we are always listening!

News in Praxis!

As we update our site, on this page we’ll show you where to find changes or additions.  Featured are both Praxis service improvements and  blog posts including book and media reviews. See the world from a strategic perspective. Read guest posts on coming events.

Contact the editors to make your own additions to our current hot list:

  • Are you steering or in steerage?  (See Blog Categories – Caught Thinking. InSite Review, Creative Thinking) 

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The picture you see above is one I took during a visit to northern Chile a couple of  Februarys ago. The mountain on the horizon is the sister of nearby Licancabur Volcano just over the border in Bolivia. The indigenous people of the Atacama Desert claim Licancabur and the surrounding mountains magically protect them from harm.

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