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About Donald

Praxis Strategic Thinking Options proprietor and principal, Donald R. Officer is a practising coach, facilitator, consultant, writer, trainer and lecturer with over 30 years experience in the workplace and classroom. He is a strategic coach and certified facilitator who provides dynamic services to business, education, and public sector organizations in real time. As well as offering strategic thinking interventions he also teaches applied psychology to university undergraduates and maintains this blog,




Our goal at Praxis Strategic Thinking Options (PSTO)
Services is to make you a sharper, more effective strategic thinker. Having taken the trouble to visit this site, you doubtless already are a decent strategic thinker. You probably also realize that, like the rest of us, you could be better at it. Believe us and your own gut, this is no insignificant discovery. Exploration precedes forming new goals. But which of our goals should be most crucial, which not? Thriving, if not surviving, depends on being the best strategic thinker, the best selector of goals you can be. We can help you be that person.

High Level Overview
Coaching and facilitation have turned the traditional learning model on its head. We enable that dizzying but highly effective somersault at the highest level of need. How much of your time is sub-optimized by busy work or mindless diversion? Are you underwhelmed by your progress regardless of effort? Are you learning little of real significance? Is your tolerance for the trivial running out? You need to get on top of your priorities. Although what you know and can do are more than enough, for some reason they don’t seem to be. How do you change your strategic mindset? It’s tricky at first, since strategic thinking can only be coached or facilitated, not taught in any traditional sense.
The big three in serious adult learning are knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs). All are vital for success, but the most pivotal is attitude – attitude shifted by insight. This trinity of powerful learning has been known for some decades, but mastering all three is about more than adding a few bricks to the pile of capacity. We now realize that getting them in sync is hard to pull off in a classroom. The best learning is about meaningful change or transformation. The big “ah-ha” moments produce simultaneous KSAs. Are you skeptical? That’s a good starting point! We have your attention. Before you move on, give us the chance to share these observations: Coaching’s power is that it always
• Coaching starts where you are, finding your mindset on your map.
• Facilitation does exactly the same thing for whole groups.
• Research outside the box is strategic research when it helps you take the broad view as well as the long view.
• Everything’s connected!
Which strategic thinking options would you like to explore?