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Praxis Principal, Donald R. Officer MA is a member of the International Coaching Federation, the founder and administrator of the Online Creative Thinking Group, a member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association, an associate of the Business Practices Improvement Group, a frequent meet-up attendee and regular at the Adler International Coaching Salon as well as several professional development teleconferences sponsored by MentorCoach. He also participates in an international professionally focused book club. An insatiable reader throughout his life, Don continues to review books for his blog and others he contributes to on strategy, psychology and behavioural economics (or anything else that looks quirky enough to be genuinely relevant).

In previous incarnations Don first practiced then taught applied and creative writing, business communications, entrepreneurship, small business administration, and along the way, English literature and presentation skills in Ontario high schools. He has facilitated business communications strategies and skill sets acquisition through community college, distance education systems, University business programs and private training organizations. His training portfolio includes media writing, desktop publishing; report writing and effective correspondence. He has worked in corporate communications producing newsletters and electronic media pieces, press releases, speeches, posters and brochures. He has been a journalist in print, electronic and social media contributing to newspapers, magazines, journals, e-zines and blogs. He has also written and edited manuals, procedures and technical documents.

Don’s deep background, practical and academic, spans education, applied psychology, critical thinking, literature, and journalism. His specialized professional qualifications include work systems analysis, management practices, performance measurement, training needs analysis, learning evaluation, project management, ethics, publishing and corporate communications. He served on the boards of the Organization Development Network of Ottawa-Outaouais and the Ottawa Distance Learning Group which he chaired, and has been active in the Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada, the Online Creative Thinking Group which he founded and the International Association of Industrial Editors. He has worked successfully and exuberantly in almost every socio-economic sector: business large and small (including his own), public service, education and non profit. He knows when and how to be cooperative, when to strike a competitive note and when to take a stand. He knows when to strike for victory and when the true triumph lies in withdrawal or even loss. He understands what it means to be a successful strategic thinker.