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Strategic thinking – seeing the big picture in the moment – seems like a straightforward enough concept, but as most of us know intuitively, the simplicity of the idea is totally matched by the complexity of the process. The learning model we all grew up with suggests a very different landscape: that knowledge consists of distinct packets consumed in sequence before moving on. A recent book, Wait suggests at least one different strategy if knowledge is actually going to be usable in the long run. Most problems, it seems, can be ignored, most knowledge is superfluous, fluid – ultimately wrong. Yet some decisions can and sometimes must be rendered in seconds.

How can anyone tell the difference? This is what we help you do: We will help you spot trends and one-offs with inner confidence. You will develop the capacity to either turn on a dime or back off as necessary. You will learn to muster the motivation to set and meet goals that work for you while keeping fully aware of all the collateral consequences. It’s a skill, a super skill really and critical in a time of expanding, accelerating, highly competitive uncertainties. Would you like to possess it?

That’s why we often begin with a consultation. We help you decide whether you need more background before proceeding or have just been putting things off. More detailed assessments, fact gathering or analyses may be indicated. Do you know what is most meaningful to you? Is your judgment impaired because of imbalances in your current quality of life? We can help you find both answers and solutions.. Let us co-discover together the best interventions you or your group need now.