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Regarding the Categories and How to Access Them

Narrative is how we recall so it takes awhile to get past the impulse to tell everything in the sequence we believe it occurred regardless of circumstance. This habit has its advantages. Ask an insurance adjuster, the police or the emergency department.

The first on scene or key witness may not remember which details most matter or be able to say what causal links really count, but this person can still tell a tale. Of course, as any newspaper reader can tell you, strict story order is not usually the best way to absorb critical information. The blog format helps us get past this weakness by accepting journal style narrative as input while also breaking it down by category.

STRATEGIC PRAXIS presents the site visitor a sequential series of typical entries in date order which are immediately distinguishable by category identifiers. In this way, we hope to provide strategic context.  Here are the headings we have chosen:

About – This category includes background explanations on the blog itself and something about the editor.

Creativity & Quandry – The reason for strategic practice, thinking or learning is to find ways to address the unexpected or so far inexplicable. This category explores ways to grapple with messy realities, confusing probabilities and seriously consequential possibilities.

Dialogue & Development – We are not alone! That can be a huge benefit or dreadful complication. We need to find many more ways to talk as well as think together not just to handle conflict but to maximize strategic capacity. This category is devoted to the practice of dialogue as a problem solving and creative attribute.

Distance Learning – Perhaps the most dynamic possibilities of the world we find ourselves marooned in by the swift passage of time are presented by the astounding new ways which now link us together. The internet of course, but also a million invisible memes now mediate what and how we learn wherever we find ourselves. Explore this astounding shift with us as we observe and post.

InSite Reviews – Books, articles, presentations conferences, media events are everywhere and may entertain or inform us on particular subjects. However, enormous opportunities to transfer lessons and ideas from one area to another are lost when we do not ponder the possibilities. This category is itself transferred from another site that the author has been contributing to for over ten years. Reviewing is a huge educational tool without the silly hoops and games of academe.

Strategic Perspectives – Is the organizing category for the blog. Here we will deposit observations that may carry over to our professional practices and lives as citizens as well as presenting the most inviting entry point for readers to participate in  the blog. This is a fair jumping off point. Have we missed anything? Misconstrued or confused you? Please comment.

Strategic Thinking Technologies – Closely tied to Distance Learning but distinctive nonetheless are the emerging probes and tools for understanding how to interact with our world in ways that are immensely more satisfying and better for all parties. Dead certain I am no expert in this field , but I’m as curious as anyone else about the place we are all designed to live i.e. the future.

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  1. I much prefer informative articles like this to that high brow literature.

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