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Survey of Strategic Thinking interest areas

In a series of introductory workshops on Strategic Thinking. My colleague Ken Prevost at and I have been polling attendees to see what really catches their attention about the subject. This is good research of course, but it also conforms to the best principles of experiential – that is, strategic learning. The point is that we learn best what really catches our attention and imprints itself in our minds. Self indulgent? Maybe at the start, but if we want to be taken seriously we need to make peace with our attention. If we don’t like what we’re learning that too deserves our attention. Maybe it will all be clearer after you read the survey.



We hope you enjoyed our presentation. In order to offer you more in-depth experiences that provide for the best use of your valuable time, we ask you to take a minute to answer a few questions regarding your own or your organization’s primary strategic interests.

I would attend a workshop directed towards the general principles, attributes and skills associated with strategic thinking.

Yes ___              No___                         Yes, with the following emphasis

I am interested in acquiring the skill set characteristic of the strategic thinker

Yes ___              No___                         Yes, with the following emphasis

I am concerned with the planning process and how strategic thinking affects the development process, implementation or evaluation of plans

Yes ___              No___                         Yes, with the following emphasis

Training and development implications for managers or other staff are my responsibility; therefore, I would like to explore how strategic thinking might enhance the employee learning experience

Yes ___              No___                         Yes, with the following emphasis

I would like to learn more about how strategic thinking might improve the focus of mission, vision, leadership and mandate development in my organization

Yes ___              No___                         Yes, with the following emphasis

I see a role for consulting and coaching in strategic thinking in my organization and would like to find out how this could work for us

Yes ___              No___                         Yes, with the following emphasis


Other strategic thinking topics I am also interested in include the following

(e.g. project management, risk, briefing notes)

If anybody visiting this blog has thoughts on this choice of topics or more of your own to either add to them or replace these with I would more than welcome your comments. They were developed with an organizational context in mind, so it would be curious to see either a more personal or broader social emphasis. We are, after all, interested in the big picture

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