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Meeting Planners

Donald R. Officer has been a facilitator, educator, writer, planner, communicator and management consultant for over three decades. Persistently seeking better ways to approach the future and how to live there, he is a strong advocate for rethinking our ideas on leadership and innovation. Today, his professional practice centres around strategic coaching, facilitation and consultation.

Don has worked in both corporate and public service sectors. He has developed and presented workshops for both institutional and private training organizations on topics as diverse as desktop publishing and organizational downsizing. He has taught in both academic and professional streams in secondary, elementary and post secondary settings, delivered communications training through the Canada School of Public Service and currently offers a dynamic, well-received two-day workshop on Strategic Thinking for leaders and professionals in all sectors.

Don has written many articles for newspapers, journals and magazines and edited policy papers, speeches, newsletters and on-line forums. He continues to review books on behavioral science topics, especially strategic thinking, for his blog, Meanwhile, he is drafting longer works on education, organizational change, society and leadership destined for print.

At Praxis Strategic Thinking Options, we are flexible in the conduct of facilitation or other group sessions, bending our preferences to the client’s needs. Nevertheless, we have found certain layouts and resources suit the majority of requirements. Small groups build dialogue capacity optimizing the level of innovation sessions tend to yield. Therefore, we usually request the following:

A/V and Meeting Requirements

• Several round (or square) tables seating 4 – 6 participants each
• A flipchart for each table with newsprint pads and colored markers
• An overhead projector and screen
• A cable link to a laptop equipped with presentation software
• A whiteboard with dry erasable markers
• Lined pads and pens for participants
• Access to refreshments and catering for longer events